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Dream Team Party 2023

Our Dream Team Party is a party unlike any other at Freedom Church! We like to spoil our volunteers and show them how much we appreciate their faithful service by throwing a party JUST FOR THEM! So, if you're a dream teamer, sign up TODAY for this once-a-year, knock-your-socks-off PARTY!!!!!! 

Dream Team Party

What is the Dream Team?

The Dream Team is a group of amazing people who give of their time to serve in God's House. Church will not work, nor will it be successful, without the people of God serving; both big and small. 

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The thriving church is not about the gifts and talents of the few, but the service and sacrifices of the many. Jesus was the greatest leader in history, so it makes sense for us to serve HIS House. 

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Dream Team PARTY!

We like to have FUN at Freedom Church! Once a year we host a party for all of our dream teamers as a way to celebrate them and to say "THANK YOU" for the way they've served generously. 

Our 2022 Dream Team Party is right around the corner! Are you already a Dream Teamer?? Then don't miss out on this party that is designed for YOU!

2022 Dream Team Party